Daniel WaggonerCLEAR FORK Kinship
is an interpretive history of the life of North Texas ranching pioneer Daniel Waggoner, 1828-1902...
by Annie Nicholson Drake

The book includes Waggoner-Lopp genealogy charts from the 1700s (select as at seven generations), wills, and newspaper articles.

The Waggoner history in America began in 1750 when Jacob Wagner immigrated from Germany. The Waggoner history in Texas began in 1839 when Solomon Waggoner, Daniel Waggoner's father, migrated to the Republic of Texas from Missouri.

Daniel Waggoner started laying the foundation for an empire in 1850 on land located between the Clear Fork of the Trinity and the Brazos River in Parker County when he joined other Texas cattlemen with the idea that there was money to be made by rounding up free-roaming, half-wild longhorns and bringing them to market. He met the opportunities brought by nineteenth century headwinds of change--open ranges and free grass--with hard work, foresight, and incredible energy.

Then, like a prairie fire, he moved swiftly across North Texas until his holdings numbered more than a half million acres, land that is still intact and owned by his family after more than 150 years.

In 1959 Daniel Waggoner was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.  In 1992, he and his son, W. T. Waggoner, were inducted into the Texas Heritage Hall of Honor at Fair Park in Dallas.

Will Rogers Award Winner
2008 Will Rogers Medallion
Award Winner
in Western Nonfiction

"An excellent history of a ranching family in Texas…" — June 2008

  "Clear Fork Kinship, by Ann Drake,
is an intriguing biography of Daniel Waggoner. The author carefully chronicles the life of this formidable Texas rancher while balancing a blend of fiction and fact to produce an interpretive work…"

Texas State Historical Association
Southwestern Historical Quarterly, April 2007


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